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What Can Adult Dating Tell You About Your Personal Values?

A lot of people think that if you’re into adult dating, that you are necessarily a horny dog. They would like to dismiss you as this perpetually horny guy that just wants to fuck every skirt that comes his way. That’s really too bad. Whenever we judge people that way, we marginalize their humanity. We reduce them to cartoons, and whatever value they bring to the table is instantly dismissed.

There’s a problem with judging others because the more we judge, the more we judge ourselves. We end up simply showing our hand and revealing how mean and how petty we can be. The truth is, just because people don’t share your values doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worse off than you. If anything, they might be living life to a much higher level, but you’re just too wrapped up in your own little world of prejudices to see it. The only person that’s losing in that situation is you.

You need to understand that adult dating and especially free fuck finder services, as well as any other “sensitive activities” that you engage in your life, speaks volumes about your character and values. Now keep in mind that when the word “values” is mentioned, people freak out. I understand where they’re coming from because, hey, let’s face it, we live in a modern world and the act of judging seems so conservative and so old fashioned.

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When you judge others, it would seem like you put yourself up as the judge, jury and executioner of what’s important in your life. Who the fuck made you judge? Who died and made you boss? You see where I’m coming from? Thankfully, we live in a modern Amercian society where most of the bullshit is flushed down the toilet. It’s all about live and let live. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, why the fuck would you care about how other people live their lives? You see where I’m coming from?


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